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Hay + Bear is a small candle business located in Central West NSW. Our candles are hand poured using sustainably sourced Natural Soy Wax. Our wicks are non toxic, lead free and eco friendly and our jars are fully recyclable. My mission was to create long lasting scented candles our customers will love.

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Hi I'm Lisa, I'm a wife and mamma, my family and I relocated from our beautiful beach home to the Central West in 2019. I immediately done an embryo transfer when we moved out here and became a house wife while our family got settled and take care of our new baby boy. I have always loved scented candles burning around the home, especially after a deep clean and I had all this spare time I was never use to having so I started researching and making candles for my own personal use. I had become very conscious about what chemicals we would bring into the home and this included candles, so by creating my own candles I was sure the ingredients were safe for our family.

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