Hi I’m Lisa, the founder of Hay + Bear Candles, I am a wife & a mum of teens and a tot, relocated in 2018 for Hubbies work and planting our roots in Blayney in 2021 leaving friends, family and a career that I absolutely loved behind.

I started out researching and learning how to make candles for my own personal use, then going on to create a website to share these delicious smelling, long lasting scented candles Australia wide. This business has aloud me to enjoy the early stages with my last baby who is extremely precious to us after our IVF journey and I can’t express my gratitude enough to have that opportunity.

If you would like to follow along the Hay + Bear journey you can follow us via our socials hayandbearcandles on Instagram and Hay & Bear Candles on Facebook.

When you purchase from our store you are supporting a small family business and you can be sure your candles were made with pure love and appreciation.

Thank you for choosing to purchase your soy candles from us.

Lisa x